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Statement from Jonathan Martin’s Attorney Is Just 1st Glimpse into Pandora’s Box


The statement from attorney David Cornwell Y.A. Tittle Jersey, who represents bullied Miami Dolphins player Jonathan Martin, is just the 1st of several ugly, nasty and horrible accusations in what has presently been an ugly, nasty and horrible case.

This is just the starting. Martin and his allies are not going to open a can of whoop ass. They are going to open Pandora’s box. We have witnessed some of this presently, but from what I am told, there is considerably a lot more.

This newest development takes the situation in an fully various path. It displays that items in the Miami locker space might have been worse than we ever imagined.

“Jonathan endured harassment that went far past the classic locker space hazing,” Cornwell stated in the statement launched late Thursday evening.

“For the entire season-and-a-half that he was with the Dolphins, he attempted to befriend the exact same teammates who subjected him to the abuse with the hope that undertaking so would finish the harassment. This is a textbook reaction of victims of bullying. Regardless of these efforts, the taunting continued. Beyond the nicely-publicized voice mail with its racial epithet, Jonathan endured a malicious bodily attack on him by a teammate, and day-to-day vulgar feedback this kind of as the quote at the bottom. These details are not in dispute.”

This is that quote, allegedly directed at Martin by a Miami teammate, from the bottom of the statement: “We are going to run train on your sister…She loves me. I am going to f*** her without a condom and c** in her c***” (The quote as it appeared in the statement spelled out the initial of the obscenities.)

Thus, Martin alleges that a Dolphins player threatened to be part of a gang rape of his sister.

Allow that marinate for a bit.

Just when you thought this case could not get any uglier, it did. A supply near to Martin mentioned there are “numerous and serious” accusations against the Dolphins gamers and organization.

Steve Mitchell-USA Right now Sports

Martin could possibly meet with NFL special investigator Ted Wells next week, a supply stated. Martin could not only demonstrate harassment from gamers, but show that a lot of in the coaching and management hierarchy knew about the alleged harassment as nicely.

Now, this is just 1 side of the story, but it’s a powerful a single.

There is something you also want to know about Cornwell. I have acknowledged him a lengthy time and dealt with him extensively, and he has two strong traits: He is fearless and is 1 of the toughest fighters I have ever identified.

It truly is no coincidence this statement emerges just as a number of recent and former Dolphins players fundamentally backed Richie Incognito. Cornwell is now fighting back to protect his client Bruce Miller Jersey.

And there will be even much more of this. The ugliness is just starting.

Eagles Won’t Pay Antrel Rolle His $8 Million Asking Cost


Well, which is not exactly fair. No one is going to pay out Antel Rolle $eight million per season, so it would make sense that the Eagles definitely will not come anyplace near that number.

His asking price would place him above the likes of Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed, two of the most elite safeties in the league. I believe Rolle is a very great player, but he basically isn’t in the class of Polamalu and Reed.

His value most likely comes from possessing a sense of the thin free agent market, but he’ll be sitting there until finally June if he expects anybody to pay him such a ludicrous quantity.

There may be a team out there ready to overpay him into the location of about $6 million per season, but the Eagles will certainly not be one of them. If he has any need to play for Philly (which I’m not sure he does), he would have to accept someplace in the spot of $four million per season.

He may possibly squeeze the Birds for a bit more than that, but he is not going to even get a 2nd search if the Eagles are told he’s critically looking for anywhere close to $eight million per season Carl Banks Jersey.

Sean McDermott needs a very good cost-free security to plug into his scheme, but Andy Reid and company will sit and consider a single with their very first round choose before they overpay a totally free agent.

Rolle is going to have to accept that he’s not in the very same company as guys like Polamalu or Reed, so he’s not going to get paid like them&mdashat least not on a winning group. Even the owners known for investing&mdashAl Davis, Jerry Jones, and Danny Snyder&mdashmay not be willing to shell out him what he’s asking.

Not only that, but the Raiders seem hellbent on giving Michael Huff every chance to pan out, the Cowboys seem satisfied with their safeties, and word is that Snyder is only signing the checks now with Mike Shanahan in town.

Rolle and his agent could just be leaking a higher price tag to produce a phantom bidding war amongst teams. If one staff believes that another has actually presented him near his asking price, it could generate someone else to jack up their supply.

But either way, the probabilities of Rolle coming to Philly seem to have dropped substantially. If there ever was a actual likelihood of the Birds significantly contemplating Rolle, it may possibly have ended with the leaking of his asking price.

Jonathan Toews, Blackhawks Agree to New Contract: Latest Information and Response


Updates from Wednesday, July 16

The Chicago Blackhawks provide remarks from the press conference announcing the signings of Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane:

Tracy Myers of Comcast SportsNet provides Toews’ ideas on his captain status:

Toews spoke about re-joining Kane, by means of Mark Lazerus of the Chicago Sun-Instances:

Original Text:

Following weeks of speculation and concern, the Chicago Blackhawks successfully locked up captain Jonathan Toews to the tune of an eight-12 months contract, the crew confirmed on Wednesday, as Toews signed with his teammate Patrick Kane:

Elliotte Friedman of Hockey Night in Canada reported the yearly salary for each Toews and Kane:

Pierre LeBrun of ESPN also reported on the bonuses in the contracts:

Toews spoke about the new contract in a press release from the Blackhawks (by way of Nina Falcone of CSN Chicago):

Teammate Patrick Sharp also commented on the discounts:

Sean Gentille of Sporting News weighed in on the discounts for Toews and Kane:

Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune and Mike Kelly of NHL Network also spoke on how these discounts will influence the Blackhawks in the brief and long-phrase potential:

The elite center would have turn out to be an unrestricted cost-free agent during the 2015 offseason had the Blackhawks failed to sign him Niklas Hjalmarsson Winter Classic Jersey, but Chicago identified a way to keep the heart and soul of the group.

With 3 All-Star nods, two Olympic gold medals, two Stanley Cups, a Selke Trophy and a Conn Smythe Trophy to his credit score, Toews is one particular of hockey’s most decorated stars. He would have commanded huge funds on the open market nevertheless, the Blackhawks content their followers by securing the 26-yr-outdated forward.

Signing Toews was constantly a priority for the Blackhawks, but supporters grew worried when TSN’s Bob McKenzie reported that Toews and Patrick Kane have been looking for matching contracts that would have paid them $12 million per year:

Regardless of the big numbers that have been thrown all around, basic manager Stan Bowman never seemed concerned. Obtaining a deal done couldn’t have been simple, but Bowman claimed that the Blackhawks must be thankful for possessing the chance to extend gamers like Toews and Kane, per Scott Powers of

Bowman also made it clear that the staff would discover a way to maintain the two Toews and Kane in the fold by hook or by crook, in accordance to Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune:

Given that the two Toews and Kane are represented by agent Pat Brisson, it is only all-natural that they have been talked about in lockstep throughout the method. Brisson was vocal on behalf of each his customers and even shot down a rumor with regards to discounts potentially getting accomplished on July eight, per David Pagnotta of The Fourth Time period:

As it turns out, though, the Blackhawks have been in the long run in a position to get the task done. There is no denying the reality that Chicago had to lengthen Toews. He has 23 ambitions in each and every of his seven NHL seasons, he is averaging almost a point per game over the previous 4 campaigns, he is arguably the greatest defensive forward in hockey and he is a wonderful leader.

All of that comes at a cost Bobby Hull Winter Classic Jersey, however, and it could reverberate all through the rest of the roster. Soon after winning their very first Stanley Cup with the recent core back in 2010, the Blackhawks had to clean residence to some degree by acquiring rid of essential supporting gamers this kind of as Antti Niemi, Dustin Byfuglien and Kris Versteeg amid other people.

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