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Canada Buy Archeage gold Manager David Tinson told IGN that the EA is concentrating efforts on creating a spectacular NBA Street Home court, a game expected in the early part of 2007.

If you remember back to E3 2006, Sony had EA come on stage and demo NBA Live 07 as part of the platform holder’s pre E3 press conference. The cancellation of NBA Live 07, means PS3 owners wanting an NBA title will have to pick up 2K Games’ NBA 2K7or Sony’s NBA 07 not such a bad thing given the poor reception the Xbox 360 version of NBA Live 07 has received.

Nottingham couples opt for unusual wedding themes

Some couples want to stand out from the crowd and do things differently when they wed. Lynette Pinchess speaks to brides and grooms about how they made the day extra special

The newlyweds had posed for all the usual wedding shots when photographer Austen Blakemore suggested something he’d never tried before – a ‘drunken’ bar shot.

He captured Trish, 32, sitting on the bar, downing a drink, with all the men ‘passed out’ around her.

Best man Andy Gunn is lying on the bar. ‘Sozzled’ groom James, his dad Bill, brother Sam and new father-in-law Don are on the floor.

James, 30, says: “I love it. We’ve got it printed on a big canvas.

“We’re up for trying new things. We weren’t anywhere near as drunk as we actually look. It was probably about 5 o’clock,” adds James, a company manager at Gigantic Tickets.

The couple married at Butterley Grange Mansion in Derbyshire, last June.

“It was a brilliant day,” adds James.

Bride Kerry made an entrance when she arrived at her wedding by helicopter.

The unusual mode of transport was the idea of her dad Pete Hook.

“He likes to stand out from the crowd. If we’re going to do something he likes to do it properly. We don’t have any half measures,” says Kerry, who married David, 34, last August.

“Only me and my mum and dad knew before the wedding. I didn’t even tell my daughter who came in the helicopter with me. She cried with excitement when she saw it.”

The 29-year-old senior care assistant adds: “I am petrified of heights. but it was the best experience in the whole world. I don’t know if it was the adrenalin or what but it didn’t feel like we were flying. It was amazing.”

With guests waiting outside, as requested by Kerry, the helicopter flew in through the trees to land in the grounds of Breadsall Manor, a listed building in Derbyshire.

“Everyone was so surprised. Coming in a helicopter is completely different!

“David was in the room with the registrar and he said, ‘Can you hear the helicopter? Is that your wife-to-be?’

“Apparently he said to the registrar that we weren’t posh enough for that!” says Kerry, who is mum to Rianon, nine, and Alex, six.

An appreciation for all things vintage inspired the couple to have a 1950s rock ‘n’ roll wedding.

Charlotte Richardson with her bridesmaids and the 50s style posters she designed in the backgroundIcons from the era such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley joined them on the day – or rather lifesize cardboard cut-outs that they bought online did.

The theme was reflected in all the elements of the celebrations – their attire, the music, food and decorations.

Charlotte, 26, wore a 50s style tea length dress, a fur wrap, and a necklace that her great grandmother wore on her wedding day, which has been passed down the family.

Her bridesmaids had butterfly print tea dresses and they carried bouquets of yellow roses and sunflowers.

Will, a 29-year-old quantity surveyor, wore a Reiss suit with a print shirt, stripy socks and a pocket watch – a birthday present from Charlotte.

After a service at St Helen’s Church in Burton Joyce, they held a reception in the village hall.

Charlotte, a graphic designer, says: “We really wanted to create a village street party feel, so we had metres and metres of bunting to decorate the village hall and hired vintage china. British railway

travel posters influenced our wedding stationery. Music has also been a big interest in our lives so that also influenced the rock ‘n’ roll theme! Being a graphic designer I made 1950s style rock ‘n’ roll posters that featured us and other members of our wedding party.”

The food reflected the relaxed feel of the day. The couple, who moved to Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire, after the wedding, chose diner-style burgers and Knickerbocker Glory for dessert.

A shetland pony called Bobby was the ring bearer at Paul and Faye’s wedding at Colwick Hall.

It was a complete surprise for Faye, 33, and all the guests after Paul and his best man pretended they’d forgotten the rings.

“I can’t tell you what an amazing surprise it was when the doors opened and little Bobby walked down the aisle bearing our wedding rings.

“It made a wonderful day truly out of this world! It’s a moment I will never forget,” says Faye, a lecturer in travel and tourism at Nottingham Trent University.

Paul had spent four months secretly texting and phoning Debbie Priest from Clip Clop Pony Rides before the big day last May.

The 39-year-old DJ and producer says: “I like to do things a little bit differently – I proposed to Faye at a seal sanctuary at West Midlands Safari Park.

“You can get owls that fly down as ring bearers but everyone’s already done that.

“Faye used to have a Shetland pony in her garden when she was a little girl so I did some Googling and spoke to a few people.

“I spoke to Debbie at Clip Clop who thought it was amazing. She’d never done it before so we worked it out between us. I didn’t tell anyone as I didn’t want it to leak out.

“When I spoke to Colwick Hall they’d never heard of it before and burst out laughing, saying ‘if it does a poo, you clear it up.'”

Bobby, who has just one eye, was well behaved but Paul adds: “I said to Debbie, if it happens it will just be more stories – it doesn’t matter, it’s more fun.”

Bobby also joined the happy couple for photos after the ceremony.

The pony wasn’t the only surprise up Paul’s sleeve.

He secretly had guitar lessons and, after the speeches, played the song Faye walked down the aisle to, Charlene Soraia’s Wherever You Will Go.

“Faye said afterwards if you make as much effort during our marriage as you’ve made for this day it’ll be a good marriage,” says Paul.

Deena had never dreamt of a big fairytale white wedding when she was growing up.

Instead she opted for a ghoulish ceremony on Hallowe’en followed by a zombie reception.

“Hallowe’en has always been a favourite time of mine since I was a little kid,” says Deena, 34.

“I’ve always been interested in the unusual and the quirky. When I was a little girl I never imagined a big white wedding and a horse and carriage.”

Luckily Alec, a 45-year-old primary school teacher, was equally taken with the idea.

Deena, who is studying forensic science, wore a 1950s-style tea dress from Frock in Nottingham with ivory lace skulls decorating the skirt, a black steampunk bolero and a pair of black Dr Martens biker boots.

Alec’s attire included a dark brown Prince Edward frock coat. Daughters Storm and Hannah, both 14, wore black skater dresses and D’Arcy, seven, and Beau, six, had lime green dresses with mini black top hats.

After the ceremony in Nottingham’s Council House, they partied at Britannia Boat Club, which had been decorated with ivy and cobwebs.

But first there were preparations for the zombie apocalypse party.

“I’m really interested in special effects make-up. I did all our family’s make-up – I had a queue of people to make up as ghoulish as possible,” says Deena.

The guests, who had worn normal wedding outfits to the ceremony, got into the spirit, turning up with a deathly pallor and bloody gashes.

“It was hilarious,” says Deena.

“We had a hog roast and bring and share. All the guests brought Hallowe’en-themed food – the kids decorated cupcakes and someone made a plate of fingers.”

Alec’s parents went along with the theme but didn’t dress up, saying they were old enough to pass for zombies without make-up.

“His mum said ‘Why can’t you just have pretty shoes like other girls?’ I said ‘Come on Sheila, I think Alec would worry if I turned up Cinderella-like,” laughs Deena, who says she wouldn’t have changed a thing about the day.

“I’m so glad we did it. We had the day we wanted.”

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What’s The Different Betweeen FBT And PLC Splitter

Same as its name, fiber optic splitter is used to split a fiber optic beam into several beams at a certain splitting ratio. Fiber optic splitter is one of the key components in FTTH. Fiber optic splitter typical parameter include input and output part cable length, splitting ratio, working wavelength and with what kind of fiber optic connectors. Just like fiber patch cable, fiber splitters are usually with 0.9mm, 2mm or 3mm cables. 0.9mm outer diameter cable is mostly used in stainless steel tube package fiber optic splitters, while 2mm and 3mm cables are mostly used in box type package fiber splitters. Based on working wavelength difference there are single window and dual window fiber optic splitters. And there are single mode fiber splitter and multimode fiber splitters. Typical connectors installed on the fiber optic splitters are FC or SC type.

Depend on the technology used; there are fused fiber splitter and fiber plc splitter. Fused fiber optic splitter is a traditional type with over 20 years history, it is a mature products, material used to make such products is easy to get so the total cost is small. Fused fiber splitter has many defects, for example, if many output like 1X32, the size of such splitter will be big, its loss is sensitive to working wavelength. The PLC (Planar Light wave Circuit) Splitters are developed based on silica glass wave-guide process with reliable precision aligned fiber pigtail in a miniature package. PLC fiber splitter has many advantages, one semiconductor could realize 1X32 splitting or more, which help make it a small size, and its loss is not sensitive to the working wavelength.

FBT splitter

FBT splitter is made out of materials that are easily available, for example steel, fiber, hot dorm and others. All of these materials are low-price, which determines the low cost of the device itself. The technology of the device manufacturing is relatively simple, which has the impact on its price as well. In scenario where multiple splits are needed, the size of the device may become an issue. It is important to keep in mind that splitters are being deployed in the fields either in cabinets or in strand mountings, so the size of device plays a critical role. FBT splitters only support three wavelengths (850/1310/1550 nm) which makes these devices unable to operate on other wavelengths. Inability of adjusting wavelengths makes FBT splitters less customizable for different purposes. Moreover, the devices are to a high extent temperature sensitive, providing a stable working range of -5 to 75 C. In certain areas, such as Scandinavian countries this temperature restrictions may be crucial. The signal processed by FBT splitters cannot be splitted evenly due to lack of management of the signals.

Planar lightwave circuit (PLC splitter) splitter is a type of optical power management device that is fabricated using silica optical waveguide technology. It features small size, high reliability, wide operating wavelength range and good channel-to-channel uniformity, and is widely used in PON networks to realize optical signal power splitting. AD-NET provides whole series of 1xN and 2xN splitter products that are tailored for specific applications. All products meet GR-1209-CORE-2001 and GR-1221-CORE-1999 requirements. PLC splitter is high quality passive device.It is especially for passive internet (EPON, BPON,GPON). And different package can follow cleint’s different inquiry.


Low Insertion loss
Compact Design
Good channel-to-channel uniformity
Wide Operating Wavelength:
From 1260nm to 1650nm
Wide Operating Temperature:
From -40℃ to 85℃
High Reliability and Stability
Telcordia GR-1209-CORE-2001 compliant
Telcordia GR-1221-CORE-1999 compliant
RoHS compliant

Fiberstore single-mode Planar Light ware Circuit Splitter (PLCS) are developed based on unique silica glass waveguide process with reliable precision aligned fiber pigtail in a miniature package. The PLC splitter provides a low cost solution with small form factor and high reliability for optic signal distribution. Our ABS, steel tube, LGX, 19 inch rack and tray type PLCS reach high performance in terms of low insertion loss, low PDL high return loss and excellent uniformity over a wide wavelength range from 1260nm to 1620nm and working in temperature from -40oC to +85 oC. Standard configurations of 1×4, 1×8, 1×16 and 1×32 configurations, as well as customized structures of 2×8, 2×16, 2×32 and 2×64 PLC splitter devices are available. All PLCS are designed for FTTx Passive Optical Networks, CWDM, DWDM and optical cable TV System applications.

Ideal High-Speed Interconnect Solution

What is the Ideal High-Speed Interconnect Solution?

The ideal high-speed interconnect solution should have such features as optimized for short distances, low cost, low power consumption, small cable bend radius, low cable weight, high density, and low link latency. The only one solution which can meet all the requirements is the direct attach active optical cables.

10GBASE Twinax

Direct attach active optical cables, or active optical cables for short, are direct-attach fiber assemblies with optical transceiver (SFP+, XFP, QSFP+, CXP etc.) connectors. They are suitable for short distances and offer a cost-effective way to connect within racks and across adjacent racks. Nowadays the Active Optical Cable (AOC) is accelerating data connectivity for storage, networking, and HPC applications. It leverages fiber optic technology for the transmission of data while reducing the weight, density and power consumption of traditional copper solutions. Note: Active optical cables have signal amplification and equalization built into the cable assembly, while passive optical cables don’t.

40G QSFP cable

Advantages of Active Optical Cables

The AOC assemblies provide the lowest total cost solution for data centers by having the key advantages as following:

  • Low weight for high port count architectures;
  • Small bend radius for easy installations;
  • Low power consumption enabling a greener environment.

Compared to Active & Passive Copper Cable Assemblies

QSFP-4SFP10G-CU3M1. Longer reach (> 7 meters)
2. Lower weight and tighter bend radius enable simpler cable management
3. Thinner cable allows better airflow for cooling
4. Lower power consumption
5. No need for power-hungry conditioning ICs on the host board
6. Can be used in architectures with challenging cable routing

Compared to Optical Transceivers

1. Datacenter/Consumer friendly: No cleanliness issues in optical connector
2. Cost-optimized: Not constrained by optical interface specifications driven by longer reach applications
(Note: However, the active optical cables cannot be routed through fiber patch panels.)

Ideal High-Speed Interconnect Solution

Today’s enterprise data centers and networking environments are undergoing an infrastructure transformation, requiring higher speeds, greater scalability, and higher levels of performance and reliability to better meet the demands of business. As speed and performance demands increase, the AOC assemblies have become an integral part of the overall system design. However, AOC design margins and parameters vary widely, and can be the difference between an optimized, highly reliable fabric and the incompatibility issues that drive up support costs. There are various types of AOC assemblies for 10G, 40G, and 100G applications on the market. Judging from the cost performance, Fiberstore is the only one who can provide the most ideal high-speed interconnect solution of QSFP+ assemblies including 40G QSFP+ AOC, 40G QSFP+ to 4×SFP+ AOC, and Cisco compatible QSFP+ cables (e.g. QSFP-H40G-CU5M).

Article Source: Direct Attach Active Optical Cable Solution

This aloft Aion kinah akin showed

This aloft Aion kinah akin showed off the next new affection of Red Bandage II; able AI acceptance of the geo-mod feature. Already adversary guards and soldiers  are cloudburst through the woodworks, a bang is heard, and $.25 of the roof topple to the floor. Analytic up, you can see that the AI controlled opposing ammunition blew a aperture in the ceiling, and are zipping down on cables, spraying sub-machine gun fire. Enemies throughout the adventurous will achieve use of adjustable breadth strategically, giving the adventurous a added astute feel, breadth the amateur doesn’t admission such a cogent adapted advantage

More attenuate additions were aswell fabricated to the aboriginal Red Bandage adventurous in this sequel. Abundant as in Halo, players can bandy grenades application a accept button, rather than switching out the primary weapon. Abreast from the 15 levels of the single-player game, players will be able to advance in up to four-player able to able multiplayer matches, including abduction the banderole and deathmatch. We’ll accumulate an eye out for added from Red Bandage II as it approaches its appointed October absolution date

Another maple story mesos advantage has

Another maple story mesos advantage has been offered for those acquisitive to advancement to the next-gen versions of EAs attainable games.Customers trading in PS3 or Xbox 360 copies of either Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 or Allegation for Acceleration Rivals adjoin the acquirement of the PS4 or Xbox One versions will acceptance both a £22 promotional allowance affidavit and a £15 Amazon allowance certificate, depending on the action of the game.Thats £37 off, if maths isnt your able point.The action is authentic until December 31st 2013 or while food abide .Those adulatory to partake in the accord allegation to appointment this page and abide their games.

They will afresh allegation to column it off and adjournment for the £15 acclaim to be activated to their account.

After six months maple story mesos the seek

After six months maple story mesos the seek is over, EA’s lath of admiral has best the firm’s new CEO.EA Sports bang-up Andrew Wilson has been declared the firm’s new exec leader, arise by the abutting in a accumulated blog column tonight.According to lath authoritative administrator Larry Probst, EA has been administering a “rigorous search” aback the abandonment of John Riccitiello in March, talking to “several able admiral from both alfresco the aggregation and from aural EA”.Wilson abutting EA in 2000 and has captivated a bulk of key positions in hat time.These awning “extensive experience” animate on the Asia Online Publishing Accumulation and the firm’s collapsed in Seoul, Korea, and aswell as exec ambassador of the FIFA franchise.

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