The world enters a new era of sports videogames

The world enters a new era of sports videogames with the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation®4 this November. FIFA 14 on next-gen consoles feels alive with players who think with human-like reactions and anticipation and move with the agility of world class athletes. Innovative features such as Elite Technique, Pro Instincts, and Precision Movement, deliver the most authentic football experience possible. Fans will also experience the electricity of a living stadium as the emotions of new 3D crowds rise and fall around the stories on the pitch.


Elite TechniqueThanks to the power of the new consoles and the EA SPORTS IGNITE engine, FIFA 14 includes more than 1,000 new animations which create hundreds of new skills and behaviors. New touch passes, slices and lobs have been added, along with behaviors like off-balance shots, panic turns, missed shot reactions and more.For the first time ever in the FIFA series, multiple players can compete for balls in the air. Not only will there be situations where three or four players can all vie for ball, but each will also have greater control with a variety of new headers.


Players will be able to adjust the power, angle and direction of the header as they contest for the ball.Pro InstinctsPlayers make decisions four times faster than on previous consoles. Decision-making is now based on multiple frames per second, resulting in players that are more aware of their surroundings and react accordingly.

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In 21″, you want to make a mark in between the studs at sixty nine”. Using your degree, make a 46″ horizontal line via the mark you just produced. The subsequent component of this step might require two people, particularly for bigger TV’s. Now you want to maintain your wall plate up on the wall so that the very leading of it traces up with the line you just produced on the wall. Shifting the plate still left and/or correct, line up the slotted holes with the studs you marked previously. Your helper now has to place the degree on the plate so you can get the plate completely degree, making sure to maintain the slotted holes more than the studs. As soon as the plate is degree and masking the studs, have your helper trace the slotted holes that include the studs (there ought to be 4 complete 1 in every corner) Placing the plate apart, you can now put together the wall. You will need to get your drill with a small little bit, usually 1/8″ 1/4″. Using the drill, drill about 23″ into the wall in the middle of the ovals you just traced. This does two issues: It allows you know that you marked the studs properly, and it gives you a pilot hole for the bolts you will use later. This stage is very essential also. It tends to make sure that you are mounting the plate to the studs and not just drywall. The mount is only developed to maintain the excess weight of the Tv safely if your bolts are in the studs. Next, have your helper hold the plate up to the exact same position as prior to, lining up the slotted holes on the plate with your new pilot holes in the wall. Pop your level on 1 much more time and adjust the mount so it is centered exactly wholesale oakley sunglasses where you want it oakley sunglasses outlet and level. Find the four big bolts (and washers if included) that come with your mount. Utilizing your drill with the socket adaptor on it, drill 1 cheap oakley sunglasses of these bolts (also known as “lags”) into the pilot gap displaying through upper correct corner of the wall plate. Only place the lag oakley sunglasses sale in about 75% so you can level it again later. Repeat with the other 3 lags. Now that the plate is

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Buttons And Bows

“Growing up I always had an interest in fine arts and fashion, and before I started college,and before I started college, I did a semester studying just that at the Paris American Academy,” says Linda Cho, winner of the 2014 TDF/Irene Sharaff Young Master Award, which will be presented on Friday, May 2 at the Hudson Theatre in New York City. “I then attended McGill University in Montreal, Canada where I studied psychology with an eye towards medical school and hopes of becoming a plastic surgeon. There I took a fascinating elective, Costume Construction 101, taught by a nurturing teacher who encouraged my interest, and subsequently, I pursued further studies at the Yale School of Drama.”

Currently represented on Broadway by The Gentlemen’s Guide To Love & Murder and The Velocity of Autumn, Cho approaches a new project by reading the script, hearing from the director, researching, doing preliminary black-and-white sketches, meeting again with the director, getting notes, making revisions, and coloring the renderings. She has worked as far afield as Royal Shakespeare Company in the UK, Can Stage in Canada, Hong Kong Performing Arts Center, National Theatre in Taipei, and Stratford Shakespeare in Canada.

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“I think I have different categories for challenging,” she admits about creating costumes. “There’s challenging design like in Twelfth Night at Hartford Stage. The director wanted to use the artist Erte as the source of inspiration but not rooted in any particular period, so we created our own visual vocabulary. Then there are challenges in production. A costume designer is constantly balancing elements like budget, various personalities on stage and off, materials, and time, all at constantly changing venues with new people each time. If any one of these elements tips the scale, it can create a big challenge. I’ve lived through every permutation I think. The saving grace is a wonderful experience that can tip the scales back in your favor.

For The Gentlemen’s Guide To Love & Murder, Cho’s process developed in an atypical way. “Since it was a new work, it was work shopped over the course of many years, so I got to see early staged readings,” she recalls. “Jefferson Mays plays all the D’Ysquith family members, and in the reading he had so many simple and brilliant physical transformative ideas that brought each character to life. Before I put pencil to paper, I met with him to get his input on what he envisioned for each of his characters. For one of them, he requested an eye patch, safari helmet, and mustache. It made me think of Steampunk fashion, and so I carried it throughout the design. Using this sexy, contemporary reference was liberating in that I could step away from the traditional modes and mores of English Edwardian dress and bring something fresh and fun to the design.”

The TDF/Sharaff Young Master Award is presented to a designer whose work, beyond being promising, has come to fruition. The award, honoring a designer of distinction early in his or her career, is given in recognition of Irene Sharaff’s wish to see young designers encouraged on their way to fully acknowledged success and excellence in the field. “I think this is especially meaningful because it is an award given by fellow costume designers,”says Cho. “Their recognition is profoundly meaningful.”

See more photos in the latest issue of Live Design. Get the free downloadable app for iPhone or iPad at the Apple App Store.

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To get higher speeds, Bending Machine Manufacturer has made large strides in press brake design.
The incorporates these strides and is the most advanced press brake ever offered by Press Brake Manufacturer . Models are available from 90 tons to 350 tons, up to 14′ lengths.
The GTMT produces maximum productivity through fast programming, fast setup and fast cycle speeds.
Improved part consistency is achieved with the touchscreen computer control that simplifies file management and provides detailed setup information with each saved program. Operators are guided through each step of the bend sequence with 3D part views.