E-Track Programme aims to support start-ups across the continent

E-Track Programme

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Applications for the upcoming E-Track Programme have just opened, which is a three-phase venture acceleration programme developed by the UCT GSB Solution Space in partnership with ayoba to support start-ups across the continent.

Phase one is the Venture Launch which focuses on validating the venture concept. Phase two is aimed at accelerating the development of the validated venture, and in phase three, the programme works on scaling ventures with the support of partners and investors.

Designed to support individuals and teams to build scalable businesses with a global potential, the programme targets high-impact individuals, aspiring entrepreneurs, and experienced founders. Venture Launch is appropriate for participants that have, or want to develop both for-profit and non-profit scale-ups. By the end of the Venture Launch course, teams will have developed, prototyped, and verified a novel product or service which can be developed further in the second phase of the E-Track Programme.

Although the E-Track Programme is at no cost, this is a demanding course that pushes participants, but also provides the resources to help them navigate the challenges of implementing an early-stage scale-up idea. Should participants decide not to continue with their ventures after the Venture Launch course, they will still leave having learnt critical and broadly applicable techniques about starting and launching a venture.

“Ayoba’s vision is to provide a localised experience, supported by engaging services that are relevant to our users. The ayoba platform represents an opportunity for homegrown talent to develop applications that reflect local cultures and values and that address challenges in our markets, while benefiting the broader community. Ayoba is delighted to partner with UCT GSB and the E-Track Programme to help support the entrepreneurial spirit and the scaling up of the teams’ solutions across the continent”, says Eero Tarjanne, Head of Business and Ecosystem Development at ayoba.

E-Track Programme is now accepting applications for the first phase, the online Venture Launch course, which is a pre-requisite to be accepted into the next phases of the programme.

To learn more about this opportunity and to be considered for Cohort 5 of the E-Track Programme, visit the UCT GSB Solution Space website. The call for applications closes 27 September 2021. Apply here.

The Solution Space, at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, is an ecosystem for early-stage start-ups as well as a research and development platform for corporates. Ayoba is a free messaging app & more, designed by Africans for Africans.


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First published on: ForbesAfrica