Global Access Online Masters event: Travel the world from your living room

Access Online Masters event

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Access Online invites you to an interactive Online Masters event on Jun 19, Jun 24 & Jul 6 when you can get information from top business schools from around the world.

Want to get hired at your dream job? Make new friends? Have a unique student experience? Then the international Master’s degree is the answer you’re looking for!

Here’s what to expect on the event day:

  • Info sessions with admission advisers from IESE Business School, Robert Gordon University Aberdeen – RGU, Deusto Business School, UC Riverside, American University- Kogod School of Business, and many more.
  • Personalised guidance for your Master’s application on the spot.
  • Useful test preparation workshops and presentations.

Travel the world from your living room with the Global Access Online Masters event. Register for June 19th, June 24th or July 6th. Learn more about the postgraduate diploma you can pursue at different business schools.

Save your spot! Get started today on Access Online:

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